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A wide variety of pumps ( power units ) - sinlge or triple phase – is provided to cover any installation need.They are available at sinle or double speed from 1 hp ( 0,75 kw ) to even 100 hp ( 75 kw) combined with a delivery pump from 8 lt/sec to 650 lt/sec.

They can be found with a standard hand pump,thermo-oil as well as a valve of high or low voltage. As a result, they meet all the European requirements associated with safety during the elevators' move.

A star-trianlge valve is necessary for all the pumps with an engine of at least 16 hp ( 12 kw ) while there is an additional option of installing a soft stop valve for a milder stop.

A pump with an electronic BUCHER valve is ourlatest innovation as regards the valves' adjustment which gives the installer the opportunity to enter data and recognise any possible damage with accuracy and without delays.

Furthermore, it offers greater comfort to the users and you can save up to 30 % of electricity annually,as well.

The most accurate approaching to the floors as well as the softest stop and start of the elevator are some of its most important assets.

In order to widen our product variety even more and to cover any installation need, MORIS provides the SCAMB cooler which is installed at a parallel with the pump position and it helps the elevators which are at constant use.

What's more, the hydraulic MORIS pumps can be optionally provided with an INVERTER-med system-installed on the elevator's board, saving up to 50% of electricity anf offering great comfort to the users.

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