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MORIS cabinets ( cupboards for the machinery ) need only little space with maximum height of 2.1 m and are divided into two categories so that they can cover any need in buildings where machinery room is not provided or it is used for any other reason.

First option:

A dividing or compact cabinet with final dimendions of 2050 x 382 x810mm (H,W,L).It gets installed on the pump - CM 320 - and with the special additional panels which get installed around it ,it turns into a single body.

Second option:

A single body cabinet with final dimensions 2100 x 400 x 950mm (H,W,L) or 2100 x 620 x 1030mm (H,W,L).It is ideal for the CA or CM pumps from at least 16hp – 150lt/min and for smaller power units if it is required.

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