MORIS Hellas Anti-seismic elevator Automatism

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Wouldn’t be helpful if you could be informed for approaching earthquake a few seconds before it actually takes place?

New technologies and automatisms reinforce safety in vertical movement and we can now refer to anti-seismic elevators.

Their equipment reassures that the chamber will be safely transferred to the next floor, during the earthquake, leaving minimum chances for the passengers to be trapped inside.

They are necessary in every public building but also affordable in private installations.

Every new hydraulic or mechanical elevator can be anti-seismic but also already existing installations can be transformed when we partly upgrade them.

What actually makes an elevator anti-seismic?

Individual section reinforcement and armor in the shift and the chamber such as special material connections, reinforcement between guides and bridging, car frame with progressing breaking safety gear. All the above reassure that the chamber will continue moving straight and gently even if the earthquake begins before chamber manages to reach the floor.

a seismic wave detector is being placed which can detect the first seismic waves up to 30 seconds earlier than the earthquakes brake out.

Afterwards a special automatism notifies the passengers with optical and acoustic signals and transfers them to the next floor. There the doors open and the chamber stands still in order to achieve smooth disembarking.

Moris Hellas Anti-seismic elevator automatism is in compliance with ΕΝ 81-20, ASME A 17.1 safety standards.

Ask your elevator installer to inform you about Moris Hellas Anti-seismic elevator.