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Abelidis family was one of the first which dealt with mechanical elevator installation in Grecce.

Our great experience dates back in 1936 when Charalampos G. Abelidis founded one of the first lift installation technical offices in Athens.

In 1973 his sons imported hydraulic elevators for the first time in Greece.

In 1983, Serafim Ch. Abelidis came in touch with Moris Italia srl, Italian production factory of hydraulic lifts, where they started a successful collaboration until today.

Since 2000, with the entry of Haris Abelidis in business, 3rd generation creates significant tradition in lift field.

Our long-term, exclusive and successful cooperation with Moris Italia srl, makes us one of the largest import and sales hydraulic elevators companies in Greece, with over 55.000 installed elevators.